Raise Your Vibration with Sound

As homosapiens, we have a natural connection to sound because it is a vibrational force (just like us). This is why music has the power to move us – Literally! It can make us cry and heal or jump and twerk something.

Imagine what could be accomplished when we use sound as a tool in our meditation practice. During sound meditation (whether set to singing bowls, ocean waves, or your favorite jams), allow the sound to fall on you and notice how the vibrations feel. Here’s a video on how to choose music to raise your vibration during music meditation.

Feel free to play with your meditation practice. And join me for a free live guided mediation during our next Sunday Slowdown this week at 7:07pm on FB/IG Live. Sunday we will be diving into knowing what we want and why we want it as we go through this mindful glow up journey.

Stay High Vibrationally!

<3, Jess