Know Your Why

Everything we do is because we want to feel (or don’t want to feel) a certain way. Our emotions are at the core of every choice we make. Why did you eat that cookie? Because you are bored and believe that eating that cookie will make you feel satisfied and delighted. This is a small example but the same applies to every action we make: big and small.

  • I made a smoothie for breakfast becuase I was hungry and wanted to feel healthy and bright.
  • I quit my day job because I felt exhausted and depleted (among other things), and I wanted to feel at peace and faithful.
  • I got a divorce because I felt unheard and underappreciated (among other things), and wanted to feel independent and full of love.
  • I’m going to Disneyland today because I want to feel excited and enjoyed by my babies.

There is a certain feeling that you believe each action will give you, and that is why you do it. When committing to your goals, ask yourself what feelings you are trying to get to or get away from once the action is complete. Know your why! In order to follow through on any action, your why needs to weigh stronger than the required effort. Knowing your why is the first step.

Remember: Your thoughts create your emotions. Your emotions power your actions. And your actions of course determine your results.

If you want to join me for a deep dive into knowing your why for your goals, tune in for the Mindful Glow Up this Sunday at 7:07pm on FB/IG Live.

Stay Woke!

<3, Jess