When Your Mind will NOT Stop Racing

You have a million things to do and your mind is going at 100 miles per minute. Your heart starts to race it and your breath starts to shorten. What do you do?

The best thing to do when your mind is racing and will not stop is to give yourself a timeout. Here’s how to timeout effectively:

1. Out of Mind, On to Paper. First do a mass dump. You cannot carry everything on your own. Enlist your nearest journal and pencil to help with the load. Spill everything that is in your mind on to paper. Write it all down. It does not need to be formatted perfectly, does not need to make sense; just let it all out of you.

2. Take 5. Then give yourself 5 minutes to sit with yourself. You can set a timer or pick out your favorite 5 minute song. Notice your breath, how you feel, where you are right now.

3. A Girl’s Got to do what a Girl’s Got to do. After your timeout is up, take a look at your paper with all of your mind laid out on it. Proceed with what will have the most positive impact on your well being in this moment. Maybe that’s prioritizing your todo list and calendaring each item, or maybe that would be a nice, juicy nap. You decide because – well it’s your life. Do you, boo.

Just try it. You will notice a difference in how you feel.