The Power of Intention Setting

I’ve been setting intentions during the past few new moons and it is crazy how things have manifested in my life during each cycle in accordance with each intention. For April’s new moon, I set my intention for clarity, and I found through research and life events that the best method to start up PLAYROOM will be through Kickstarter. For May, I set an intention for faith, and with great shock, uncertainty, and strength, I quit my job before that week was over forcing me to really trust that life will take care of me. Be careful what you wish for, right? Both of these manifestations are scary but needed revelations for my journey.

With the new moon underway once again, I have some understandable trepidation, but I am excited to see how this next one will play out. My intention for this cycle is for self-worth. My mantra carry this out is: “I am worthy and deserving of my past, current, and future blessings.”

This is a big one for me because as I see how lucky I have been and look at my big dreams I have ahead of me, I can’t help but think at times that I don’t deserve it all. The possibilities during this cycle for self-worth can be huge for me.

Even if you don’t believe in the powerful force of the lunar cycles (If you are curious, read my previous post on how to become a new moon believer), setting intentions is a powerful practice. Setting intentions forces you to live intentionally, paying attention to all the lessons that life is teaching as you go through it.

What’s your intention for this new moon? Whatever you choose, set it boldly and watch it unfold.

If you choose to share my intention for self worth, I want to share with you a powerful exercise I did last night. I did some self reflection and wrote down things I enjoy in life that I am worthy to enjoy although at times I feel undeserving of it all. It was a powerful reflection for me and I encourage you to do the same and see what comes up.

I am worthy of being with my babies.

I am worthy of not having a job I don’t enjoy.

I am worthy of staying up and waking up late with my babies.

I am worthy of bedtime stories.

I am worthy of washing up and getting dressed.

I am worthy of my support system.

I am worthy of a kickstarter and PLAYROOM.

I am worthy of Zion and Maddy and all their love.

I am worthy of great friends.

I am worthy of peace.

I am worthy of enjoying the ride.

I am worthy.

Stay Intentional!

<3, Jess

Is Your To-do List Stressing You?

To-do lists are ineffective and overrated. They grow longer and longer as our days go by and you are left constantly, secretly wondering, “When will it all ever get done?” You have no real answer. You trudge forward with this impending doom of the never ending to-do list.

My advice that does wonders for me is to throw that list out. If your to-dos stay on a list, it becomes more stressful than helpful. Yes, it is necessary to consider everything that needs to get done. But those things are not meant to live in list form. They belong in a more meaningful and worthy place: on your calendar. Once you calendar each item on your to-do list, throw the list away!

Your to-dos are on the calendar, and you know that they will get done. In fact, you now finally have an answer to your previous question of when will it all get done, replacing that feeling of stress with relief.

Try it out now. Ditch the list and make time for the things you need to do. Instead of to-do, you will say, “Tada!” because you are finally getting things done.

Stay Tada-ing!

<3, Jess

The Infamous Quarter Life Crisis

I know that the quarter life crisis (QLC) is real because all my friends are about that age and I see it happening all around me. This is when you get to a point in life when you are done working on all the things you’ve been building up since childhood, and begin to question EVERYTHING. I ran into my QLC a couple years ago, but I didn’t start to properly respond to it til recent. I want to share the best way to handle the infamous QLC, so you don’t sit ignoring yours for years like I did.

The best way to approach the QLC is to be completely open minded. It is the best time to take a genuine and gentle analysis of your journey thus far, what you see right now, and what you want for your life. Map out your desired destination and your current direction, and notice whether they line up.

The QLC is a great sign! It shows that you are not one to operate on autopilot your entire life only to look up one day confused and discontent late in life. It is a sign that you are being mindful of how you are in every moment of this life you are living.

My advice for when the QLC hits [advice I wish I had given myself years ago] is to trust and lean into it. Use that mindfulness which naturally empowered your QLC in the first place. This mindfulness is your secret weapon as you move forward on your path. The key word in that last sentence is to MOVE!

Read my post on life blocks if you are having trouble sorting out your next move.

Stay Mindful!

<3, Jess

How Does your Goal Make you Feel?

How does your goal make you feel? Empowered or resistant? Does it feel exciting or burdensome? Take some time to really notice how you feel about it. [We will do some work together on this during this week’s Sunday Slowdown]

What if I am feeling nothing but resistant and/or the goal feels burdensome?

There’s a couple things that could be going on.

  1. This goal is not really YOUR goal. You have to be selfish when setting goals. Ask yourself, “Is this something I really want?”
  2. You do not have a STRONG enough reason. Know your why! Your reason for wanting to achieve this goal needs to align with your values. You may have a strong goal, but have yet to determine what your real reason is for why you want to achieve this goal. Go deeper with the toddler drill [fast forward to 11:35 in the video below for the how to on the toddler drill]. Ask yourself, “Is this something I really want?”

What if I feel excited and empowered by my goal, but there’s still some resistance and burdensome feelings coming up, too?

The resistance and burdensome feelings may actually be FEAR in disguise. There is a huge difference between fear and the other feelings like resistance. With the other feelings, you may need to rethink what you have chosen to be your goal. But if it is really fear that you are feeling, then know that you have chosen a good direction and just need to press forward. Do not cut yourself short by not going for a goal because of fear. Fear is natural, and is actually a good sign, especially when it comes to goal setting. That means that you have chosen a goal that actually matters to you and you know that it will make a real difference.

What if I have absolutely no fear about my goal?

Then there’s a bit of an issue. It is more than likely that your dream needs to be bigger – much bigger. Feel the fear, then lean into it.

Stay Dreaming Big!

<3, Jess