I know that the quarter life crisis (QLC) is real because all my friends are about that age and I see it happening all around me. This is when you get to a point in life when you are done working on all the things you’ve been building up since childhood, and begin to question EVERYTHING. I ran into my QLC a couple years ago, but I didn’t start to properly respond to it til recent. I want to share the best way to handle the infamous QLC, so you don’t sit ignoring yours for years like I did.

The best way to approach the QLC is to be completely open minded. It is the best time to take a genuine and gentle analysis of your journey thus far, what you see right now, and what you want for your life. Map out your desired destination and your current direction, and notice whether they line up.

The QLC is a great sign! It shows that you are not one to operate on autopilot your entire life only to look up one day confused and discontent late in life. It is a sign that you are being mindful of how you are in every moment of this life you are living.

My advice for when the QLC hits [advice I wish I had given myself years ago] is to trust and lean into it. Use that mindfulness which naturally empowered your QLC in the first place. This mindfulness is your secret weapon as you move forward on your path. The key word in that last sentence is to MOVE!

Read my post on life blocks if you are having trouble sorting out your next move.

Stay Mindful!

<3, Jess

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