You are not alone.

You know that self care is important. You preach the importance of it in all of your classes and workshops. You show so much compassion toward your students as you urge them to find the space to breathe. And yet, you find it difficult to practice what you preach as you rush in LA traffic from class to class and/or pour most of your energy into your day job which may not even align with your greater purpose.

You often find yourself spent with little energy left to put into your business, and even less to pour back into yourself. Sharing your passion makes your heart glow, but juggling everything on your own is limiting your full potential.

Allow me to offer an energy surge and a helping hand. Schedule a free mini session where we will dive into the vision you have for your business and begin to map out how we can manifest that vision together. The free mini session is done over the phone and only takes about 10 minutes (unless we get caught up in Visionland).

After the mini session, you will no doubt experience a sense of fear. But you will also feel a fire. These two emotions are inevitable when you see where you are meant to be. Luckily for you, the fire accompanied with our manifestation map will overpower all the fears.

Click this link and schedule your free mini session today.

I urge you to find the space to breathe easy. Inhale Courage, Exhale Abundance.

For this call, you must bring nothing more than your vision & vulnerability. Also, no further obligation is required after our call. I simply want to be of service to you: whether that service extends beyond this free mini session or not. It goes without saying that all items and ideas shared will remain confidential. *scouts honor, pinky promise, & NDA enforced*

Schedule your free mini session today!